F I L E   C R E A T I O N

Please ask us about the printing process for your decoration before creating your file.
Files should be stored in the format they were created in, and additionally as an EPS.
Flat colours (solid tints) are necessary for multi-colour decorations.
White is to be treated as a flat colour (solid tint).
Fonts should be delivered with the file or converted to paths.

Please note that in ISDN transmissions, the sender, client name and phone number should be given for identification purposes.

LINE WIDTHS: Hand printing: Minimum 0.15mm
Machine printing: Minimum 0.15mm
Transfers (decals): Minimum 0.1mm

Colour tones white/gold/silver:
Machine printing: Gold and silver must not overlap other colours. (blank out) - no white backgrounds!

Hand printing: Gold and silver can overlap other colours.

Transfers: Gold and silver can overlap other colours.


 White backgrounds are recommended for all decorations. Exception: white articles.
No white background under precious-metal colours.

Please note: Gold on white always results in matt gold.

Are not identical with HKS, Pantone or other colour references - please use only as a close guide.
COLOUR RANGE: Colour mixing is limited.
NUMBER OF COLOURS Hand printing: Number of colours unlimited.
Machine printing: 6 - 8 colours.
Transfers (decals): Number of colours unlimited.
DECORATION SIZE & POSITIONING: Individually adapted to article.
Please contact our studio management.
WRAP AROUND DECORATIONS: Technical limitations dependent on articles.
Hand printing: Decoration width = vessel circumference minus 1cm.
Machine printing: Decoration width = vessel circumference plus 1mm.
We recommend that for printing on cone-shaped glass articles we produce the films for you.